Un enfoque transformador para usted y sus pacientes

Ensayos clínicos descentralizados


Clinical trial models are evolving rapidly to deliver approaches that reduce patient burden, increase patient engagement, and promote trial continuity. This is essential in the world of COVID-19 and beyond. We bring an enterprise approach to the design and execution of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), combining expertise from across our organization.

The result is seamlessly integrated, technology-enabled solutions designed to enroll faster, deliver improved trial data, and provide an enhanced experience for patients, investigators, and sponsors. Our patient-centric clinical solutions are fully integrated with our unparalleled global network of laboratories.

Nuestra solución innovadora está diseñada en torno al paciente para tener un mayor alcance y diversidad de pacientes, optimizar la participación y retención de pacientes, mejorar la calidad de los datos y agilizar la prestación operativa para acelerar la entrada al mercado de nuevas terapias.

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Soluciones centradas en el paciente para ejecutar mejores ensayos, más rápido

Reducción de la carga para crear mejores ensayos clínicos

We offer "high touch through high tech" site visit replacement technologies to make your trial more convenient for patients while maintaining quality of care and protocol compliance. This delivers better scientific outcomes through improved trial diversity.

Gestión y reducción de riesgos

With our own mobile clinical services, such as nurses, phlebotomists, and other clinicians, equipped with PPE appropriate to the task, we have developed a best-in-class risk management solutions toolkit. 

Seamless Integration & Digital Workflow

Our innovative DCT Technology Platform is specifically designed to offer standard configurations that are highly configurable, with patient-facing applications spanning the full range of digital trial tools. Online diaries, televisits, and reminders just scratch the surface of our platform's full potential.

Un enfoque integrado y adaptable para ensayos clínicos virtuales/descentralizados

The New Normal for Clinical Trials: An Enterprise Approach Delivering Integrated Solutions from a Single Partner

Therapeutic Expertise

Rather than starting with technology, our approach begins with an experience in all major clinical indications such as oncology, neurology, CV-MER, iiGM just to name a few. Our strategic planning team will work with your clinical staff to identify key endpoints and help you determine how to structure the visit schedule to reduce patient burden wherever possible.

Expanded Patient Reach to Accelerate Enrollment

We break enrollment bottlenecks with our Patient Direct capability combining proprietary databases to focus your enrollment efforts. Our Clinical Trial Connect outreach program uses direct outbound communications to potential patients in appropriate geographies.

Services Designed Around the Patient

Whether your trial would benefit from convenient in-home mobile clinical services, access to >1.900 Labcorp Patient Service Centers for sample collection, investigational product logistics tuned for efficiency and convenience, or wearable sensor devices, we coordinate a patient experience designed to maximize patient engagement. Our central pharmacy services ensure that investigational product is available to the patient via multiple pathways, giving patients freedom of choice. Continuous feedback by actual and prospective patients via our Patient Intelligence network ensures we have up-to-date insights to guide our support for your study.

An Integrative, In-House DCT Technology Platform

A true DCT experience depends upon an integrative platform that delivers a seamless interface to connect all aspects of the trial. We provide patient-facing apps, televisit capabilities, and digital workflows connecting service providers to investigator sites. Along with provisioned device and BYOD support, we ensure convenience as well as regulatory and protocol compliance.

Complete Clinical Trial Testing Solutions and Support

No matter what biomarker endpoints and safety parameters your therapy needs to monitor, our industry-leading central laboratory and network of specialty and external labs will ensure you get high quality data. Our global logistics team monitors shipments to assure delivery within stability, followed by consistent processing and rapid reporting with a full suite of specimen management and bioprepository services.

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