Caracterización de proliferación en diversos juegos secundarios de linfocitos en el modelo CT26 murino de carcinoma de colon a través de citometría de flujo multicolor



David W Draper, Alden Wong, Dan Saims, Maryland Franklin, Matthew Thayer, and Scott Wise




Encuentro Anual de AALAS


“Characterization of Proliferation in Multiple Lymphocyte Subsets in the CT26 Murine Colon Carcinoma Model by Multi-color Flow Cytometry”

Introduction and Background:

The efficacy of immune-modulating anti-cancer therapeutic antibodies that have been FDA-approved in recent years, such as anti-CTLA-4, anti-PD-1, and anti-PD-L1, has altered the paradigm of cancer treatment. Subsequently, the growing interest in the development of new single agent and combination therapies with immune-modulatory effects has generated a need for more powerful immunophenotyping techniques capable of in-depth cell characterization and proliferation assessment.